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Ken Walker International University

Ken Walker International University


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Medicine, BDS

About the University

The Ken Walker International University is located in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. Its foundation was laid by the late Kenneth Walker, Professor of Medicine Neurology and Global Health, MD of Emory University School of Medicine. The American Corporation PFID (Partner for International Development) is one of the university’s founders. Based on Emory University, KWIU offers superior dentistry and medical nursing programs.

The KWIU is built on the latest western academic methodology and follows the World Federation for Medical education rules and regulations. The curriculum is built to meet the demands of both Global and Georgian criteria to provide affordable international-level medicine programs. The university’s operational developments and quality assurance cooperate with the educational expertise of the United States of America. KWIU has international faculty assisting and training students with the right approach.

The university offers USA exchange programs and rotations at different hospitals and clinics.

Students who aspire to continue in medicine in the USA can get the opportunity to prepare for Step 1 and 2 United States Medical License Examination (USMLE) before their post-graduation without any additional expenses. Moreover, KWIU university students can also take elective rotations at Emory University and other partner organizations. These electives will help students enhance their clinical experience and better approach towards international practice.

The students get to use high-tech laboratories and updated libraries and take advantage of the university’s local and international placement opportunities. They also get the opportunity to work with the top physicians in the university’s clinic.

KWIU has solid structural support for students. The academic counsellor mentors students about possible career prospects and how to adapt to the new environment. For career planning and development, the university takes the active involvement of colleagues from Emory University and other partners.

International students will not have to worry about the language course because it is provided in English. So, you will get first-class medicine and dentistry courses with a comfortable living environment in one of the most fantastic hospital destinations. Georgia has exceptional hospitality, rich history, and lush tourist spots.

The academic tuition fee per year is 7000 USD for their Medicine and Dentistry programs. Take advantage of this opportunity and get a chance to apply to their summer/fall admission 2023. Not only will you get high-quality Western education in Georgia, but you will also be able to get excellent opportunities for an international career.