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Why Should You Study Medicine in the Caribbean?

Why Should You Study Medicine in the Caribbean

Despite popular belief, the most incredible Caribbean medical schools have plenty to offer. It’s no surprise that with many reputable programs, excellent facilities, and a stunning setting (obviously), more and more students are interested in enrolling.

But before you run out and apply, you need to understand how these medical schools work.

This tutorial, thankfully, makes things simple. It will teach you about the most incredible Caribbean medical schools (and why).

Why Consider Caribbean Medical Schools?

The route to becoming a doctor is very uncomplicated for the average prospective medical student. You work hard to maintain a good grade point average, study for months to attain the most excellent MCAT score possible, and apply to medical schools in the United States.

Unfortunately, getting into a regular MD school is more complicated than ever! Admissions requirements are becoming more stringent with each passing year. Spots in medical colleges around the country are scarce.

As a result, even the most qualified students are being turned down. In recent years, just 41% of medical school candidates matriculated.

To put the rivalry for medical school into perspective, even “extremely safe” colleges often demand a GPA of 3.5 or above. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to traditional medical schools in the United States.

For decades, Caribbean medical schools have provided US students with the option to receive a degree.

For example, the average GPA for matriculants at some of the top Caribbean medical schools is approximately 3.3 or 3.4. Consequently, US students who would otherwise have given up on their goals of becoming doctors can now further their studies! In general, your chances of admission to these medical institutions are substantially greater (even the best ones).

The Caribbean now has over 60 medical schools. The 1960s saw the establishment of some of the first schools. More followed in the next decades, presenting students with many educational possibilities.

Contrary to common assumptions, becoming a doctor without a degree from a regular US-based medical school is still feasible.

Indeed, overseas medical graduates, such as those who finish school in the Caribbean, are reported to account for around a quarter of the physician workforce in the United States!

If you complete your studies at a Caribbean medical school, you can have a highly successful career in the United States. You can apply for residencies and take the US Medical Licensing Examination precisely like a typical MD or DO graduate.

The Best Medical Schools in the Caribbean

If you follow this way, there are various Caribbean medical schools to select from. It is crucial to remember, however, that not all medical schools provide the same level of instruction.

Medical schools in the Caribbean are primarily for-profit. When deciding which school to attend, you should consider USMLE pass rates, residency match rates, and attrition rates to understand what the school offers. You can also inquire about US accreditation for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands institutions.

There is currently no recognized rating system for Caribbean medical schools. However, a few colleges have a reputation for delivering high-quality education. The following institutions have a demonstrated track record of training graduates to get their medical licenses in the United States.

  1. St. George’s University
  2. Saba University School of Medicine
  3. Ross University
  4. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
  5. American University of Antigua
  6. Medical University of the Americas

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the most incredible Caribbean medical schools are not to be overlooked. In reality, they produce a large number of excellent physicians each year.

We’d be pleased to chat with you if you need help being admitted (or if you want to see if you have other choices).

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