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Study Medicine In Europe
Experience high-quality education and diverse cultural experiences at lower tuition fees. Primarily taught in English, you will get an international career in robust healthcare systems and medical research fields.
A Medical Foundation in Medicine course is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in medical or health science degree programs. This course lays the groundwork for a successful career in medicine.
Study Medicine In CARIBBEAN
Caribbean medical schools offer lower admission requirements for international students. Enjoy the scenic beauty of beaches while gaining international clinical training opportunities globally.
Study Medicine In Georgia
Georgia’s welcoming environment and globally recognized medical degrees make it an attractive destination for international students pursuing a medical career.

4-Year MD Program in USA - Sep 2024 Intake

Are you looking to pursue your medical education in the USA? Look no further! Our 4-year MD program allows you to embark on your journey to becoming a doctor without the stress of the MCAT—no MCAT required.

Our medical school in the USA warmly welcomes Lebanese students, providing a diverse and inclusive environment in which to thrive. Experience top-notch education, cutting-edge facilities, and personalized support as you prepare for a rewarding medical career. 

Join our vibrant community and unlock endless opportunities for growth and success. Your dream of attending medical school in the USA starts here, where excellence meets accessibility.


MediPathway has become one of the leading options for many students around the globe who want to choose to study medicine abroad. We assist students passionate about medicine to find a good match at competitive universities worldwide. Our partnered universities offer affordable programs and good career prospects for many international students. Contact us today to start your journey towards an exciting future full of possibility and adventure.

Partner Universities

Approval and Accreditations

Frequently asked questions.

Applicants must have completed high school with majors in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, achieving at least 40% in their exams. Although the MCAT is optional, it is recommended. Strong Letters of Recommendation, a cover letter, and academic transcripts are essential.

  • Submit applications to the universities.
  • Complete interviews or entrance exams.
  • Upon acceptance, submit documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.
  • Receive an acceptance order signed by the Minister.
  • Obtain a D3 study visa.

Caribbean medical universities offer an MCAT-optional admission process and a curriculum based on American methodology. They feature state-of-the-art labs and international faculty. The placement offices provide excellent rotation opportunities abroad. These programs are globally recognized, allowing graduates to practice in their home countries.

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