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Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University


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Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy.

About the University

The Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is the main center of higher medical education in Georgia, with an almost hundred-year history. Actually, higher medical education in Georgia is of the same age as well. It is noteworthy to emphasize that thousands of TSMU graduates continue their professional careers in many leading clinics and institutions of Georgia, Europe and the world as a whole.The core role and responsibility of TSMU in providing the country population health care activities is of great importance and respectable.

TSMU has the best teaching, research, and clinical faculty to provide lifelong learning opportunities. The university provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and other medical development programs in the following departments:

  • Medicine
  • Stomatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health
  • Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation
  • International Faculty Of Medicine And Stomatology
  • Nursing And Midwifery Bachelor’s Programmes
  • Institute Of Postgraduate Medical Education And Continuous Professional Development


  • Liberty for top quality Teaching and Research
  • Prioritises academic learning and professional development
  • Top Faculty with Career Guidance
  • Democratic and Independent
  • International level Academic, Research and Placement Cooperation
  • Fair and Transparent running policies
  • Follows Professional ethical and social principals
  • Respect for human rights and freedom of speech

TSMU accepts students from 72 countries to do research and get master’s degrees and PhD. The university uses a practical approach and prefers to educate students with clinical reasoning. Apart from providing a good education environment, it also booms student’s confidence with good communication skills.

The university offers the following Medical Degrees:

International MD Degree (6 years)
The Academic Tuition cost of an International MD Degree is 8000 USD per year
American MD Degree (6 years)
The Academic Tuition cost of an American MD Degree is 13500 USD per year
Dentistry Degree (5 years) programs
The Academic Tuition cost of a Dentistry Degree is 7000 USD per year

Key Points:

Holistic Medical Education: Integration of basic, preclinical, and clinical disciplines, preparing students for the US Medical License Examination and clinical rotations at Emory University Medical School.

Emphasis on Research, Clinical Skills, and Professionalism: Prioritizing research opportunities, clinical skills development, and ethical professionalism for a well-rounded medical education.

Renowned Faculty and International Recognition: High-quality faculty and international standing contributing to the university’s prestige and academic excellence.

Diverse Student Body and Inclusive Community: A vibrant, inclusive environment for students, faculties, and alumni, fostering cultural meets, conferences, and opportunities to maximize potential.

Well-Structured MBBS Program: A 6-year course including internships, structured into basic theoretical, pre-clinical, and clinical courses for a comprehensive medical education.

Rich Campus Infrastructure and Amenities: Hostels with excellent infrastructure, fully furnished rooms, and necessary amenities, including meal services, ensuring student comfort and convenience.

Varied Academic and Extracurricular Engagements: Engaging blend of lectures, lab work, research, clinical practice, seminars, conferences, and cultural events, encouraging participation in medical societies, community service, and global exchanges for a well-rounded experience.