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Why Complete Exam Mocks Are the Best Way to Prepare for the UCAT?

UCAT mock exam

The UCAT is the most challenging and crucial exam you’ll ever take. This might sound intimidating, even terrifying, for some. So, how can you make it less daunting? The answer might surprise you: the best way to make the UCAT manageable is to tackle it repeatedly. How? By completing high-quality, full-length UCAT mock exams under timed conditions.

Taking on the UCAT Because the UCAT is unlike any other test you’ve taken in school, it can be scary. It’s much more complicated, longer, more time-pressured, and entirely different in content. But what if you could make it a regular part of your routine? Imagine getting up on a Saturday morning, having breakfast, and then sitting for a two-hour UCAT mock exam. That’s precisely what you should do in the lead-up to the UCAT. Make taking a full-length UCAT mock exam a weekly habit.

Recall that finishing a UCAT mock exam requires more than two hours; you must also dedicate several hours to thoroughly reviewing your mistakes and dissecting the solutions. This review process is crucial for developing your skills and improving. It allows you to reflect on your approach and determine if there’s a better or more efficient way to tackle the questions in the future. Be sure to allocate time for both the mock exam and the review. For instance, if you take the mock exam on a Saturday, plan to review it on Sunday.

UCAT Mocks: Best Practices To help you finish the full-length UCAT mock exams, consider the following advice:

  • Complete the exam under strict timed conditions!
  • Don’t give yourself any extra breaks.
  • Take the complete mock exam in a quiet, distraction-free room.
  • Use only the materials allowed on test day (no dictionaries, highlighters, or food).
  • Use the same or similar equipment that you will use on test day.

Taking a full-length UCAT mock exam may seem daunting, but consider how much scarier it will be if the first time you experience strict UCAT conditions is on the actual test day. Regularly practising under test conditions will make it feel second nature. This way, you can walk into the UCAT relaxed and confident.

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